Public Affairs Update

Public Affairs Update………………………………………………..September 14, 2016


Ask the Economist: The Great Housing Divergence

Ralph McLaughlin speaks to DS News about the trends seen between the most expensive housing markets and the least expensive markets. READ MORE [Source: 09-08-2016]


Existing FHA Condo Rules Extended
The Department of Housing and Urban Development has extended its existing temporary guidance on condos, which was set to expire, while it continues to work on the regulatory guidance to implement the changes brought about in the just-enacted H.R. 3700. [Source: NARenews 09-01-2016]


Colorado REALTORS® Saying NO to Amendment 69

Amendment 69 is a $25 billion dollar tax - a double tax on your livelihood. Small business owners and LLC's will pay both sides of the proposed tax for a total of a 10% tax increase. Business owners will also pay the full 10% on all profits, even if those dollars are not withdrawn from the business. There is no direct voter oversight for potential tax increases to cover increased costs. If passed, Colorado would immediately have the highest state taxes in the country. Companies and individuals saying NO to Colorado means fewer clients looking for a home. Protect your state. Protect your clients. Protect your business. Vote no on Amendment 69. Read more [Source: CAR News 09-03-2016]


Pizza & Public Affairs Wednesday, October 5, 2016 at BARA Noon to 1:00pm

Guest presenter:

Andrea Meneghel, Public Affairs Director, Boulder Chamber


What he will present:

Andrea will cover all the state and local ballot issues of interest to Realtors and businesses.

Issues that will be discussed include:

  • Colorado:

    -Amendment 69 ColoradoCare

    -Statewide minimum wage hike to $12.00/hr by 2020  

  • Boulder County:

    -1A property tax increase for subdivision road paving

    -1B Open Space tax extension

    -1C Sustainability sales and use tax extension

    -1D Extend District Attorney term limits from 3 to 4 terms

  • City of Boulder:

    -Revised Blue Line delineation

    -City Council compensation

    -2% sugary beverage tax

    -term limits for City Council

  • BVSD:

    -3A permanent mill levy hike to fund operations


    Ballots will be in the mail by mid-October so you definitely want to get up to speed on issues affecting real estate and business before you vote.


    RSVP today to reserve your seat for this timely presentation.


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