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Public Affairs Update………………………………………….………………………………..March21, 2018

  • NAR Remarks on Association Health Plans
  • What Will Dodd-Frank Modification Bill Mean for Housing?
  • See All CFPB Requests for Feedback
  • Pizza & Public Affairs Wednesday April 4, 2018 Noon to 1:00pm at BARA
  • In Case You Missed It


NAR Remarks on Association Health Plans

NAR recently submitted comments on the Department of Labor’s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) aimed at improving American's health insurance options by expanding access to Association Health Plans (AHPs). The NPRM expands the definition of “employer” under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) to include “working owners,” which enables sole proprietors/self-employed individuals to be eligible for participation in AHPs.


In the comment, NAR expressed strong support for the NPRM and recommended several modifications to maximize AHP participation by working owners and ensure AHP sustainability. Many state and local associations, as well as individual members, also submitted comments on the proposed rule. The Department will review the hundreds of submitted comments and then issue a final rule later this year, incorporating the feedback provided in the comments. However, it is possible that legal challenges will arise once a final rule is issued that may delay implementation. NAR will be closely monitoring developments on this rule. [Source: NAR Update 03-13-2018]


See the press release and comment(link is external) for more information.
For more information on NAR’s advocacy efforts, please visit on health care reform topic page.
For background on insurance challenges for independent contractors, please visit our blog post.


What Will Dodd-Frank Modification Bill Mean for Housing?

With the Senate having passed legislation that will modify Dodd-Frank regulations, here’s how it could affect the industry. » READ MORE [Source: 03-15-2018]


See All CFPB Requests for Feedback
If it seems like the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is asking for a lot of feedback on its rulemaking processes, that's true. Here's a summary of the recent requests. [Source: NAR Update 03-15-2018]


Pizza & Public Affairs Wednesday April 4, 2018 Noon to 1:00pm at BARA

Guest Speaker: Audrey DeBarros, Executive Director, Commuting Solutions

She will be joined by several Private and Public Sector Transportation Leaders

What they will present:


Register today for our upcoming Pizza & Public Affairs on April 4! We will be discussing the transportation funding shortfalls in the region and asking attendees to provide feedback on the local and regional transportation needs that are important to your business and clients.


Transportation is crucial to business and real estate.

Don’t miss this conversation!


Transportation Matters is a bold initiative to spark critical conversations surrounding transportation funding shortfalls in the northwest metro region.

Whether you work, live or play in the northwest metro region, our community is a vibrant hub of economic activity and innovation. With our economy growing faster than our transportation network and funding shortfall of over 9 Billion dollars, Commuting Solutions in partnership with the US 36 Mayors & Commissioners Coalition, cities across the northwest metro region, Chambers of Commerce and Economic Development Partners are proud to introduce Transportation Matters, a business initiative dedicated to engaging stakeholders in the maturing conversation surrounding our transportation needs and coming together to achieve our multimodal future.


Transportation Matters aims to close the knowledge gap surrounding transportation funding, while encouraging businesses and real estate professionals to actively participate in achieving our multimodal future.

Every day, workers waste an average of 20.4 minutes in traffic. Not only is sitting in traffic reducing employee productivity, but currently transportation related costs are their second highest expense after housing. Traffic jams aren’t the only reason employees are being held up; congestion is becoming a drag on job growth within our community. With no clear source of sustainable transportation funding in sight, Transportation Matters is focused on presenting the facts and bringing new stakeholders to the table.


Transportation Matters invites key stakeholders to engage in the transportation conversation by providing feedback on the transportation projects and infrastructure that matters most to their business.

Whether you’re a corporation who enjoys the Colorado lifestyle or a small business owner or real estate professional who has lived in the community for decades, your input is critical! Transportation Matters is focused on learning more about not only the local and regional projects that matter to your community, but also why they are important to you.


This conversation is about you and your business. Don’t miss it…

RSVP Today!


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